How long does a fencing installation take?

The time it takes for our
team to fit your fence will depend on the size, material and design of your
new fencing. We will be able to advise you about this during any

What type of fencing materials do you offer?

We offer our customers a complete range of choices regarding the design and material of their new fence. We supply and fit fences constructed from timber, steel, chainlink and wrought iron.

What guarantees are available with our fences?

The guarantee will depend on the style and material. Chris will be able to tell you more when deciding on the right fencing materials for your garden.

How do I look after my fence?

Our fences are designed to be low maintenance, but we can advise you regarding the best ways to look after them according to the material used.

Can I customise my fence to the height and width I need?

Yes, all fence installations are made to measure. Once agreed, we will conduct a detailed survey to take the details we need to ensure a seamless installation that fits your outdoor area perfectly.

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes, Chris is always happy to offer free consultations, where e can discuss your project and offer recommendations. All quotations are fully inclusive of materials and labour and are offered with no obligation to proceed.

What is the difference between security and decorative fencing?

The primary aim of security fencing is to keep intruders out and block sightlines. Decorative fencing will also provide privacy but is designed to add visual and kerb appeal to a property.

Can you help with security fencing for a commercial property?

Yes, we can. Our team can provide all types of security fencing and chainlink. Our systems include steel palisade and weld mesh systems.

Do you offer repairs on existing fences?

Yes, our team can provide a complete range of fencing repairs, so if you have a fencing emergency, need help putting a fence back up, or are experiencing other fencing issues, we can help.

My garden is on uneven terrain. Can you still install a fence?

Yes, we can. Our fencing contractors specialise in fitting fences across slopes and all different types of terrain.

How can I choose the right fencing for my property?

Our team can talk through your needs, preferences, and requirements so that you can find the right fencing.

Do I need a fence?

Installing a fence around your property can provide much-needed privacy and protection from passers-by.
It can also boost your property value, protect children from running into busy roads by mistake and will clearly define your property’s boundaries.

Can you provide examples of projects you have completed?

Yes, there are examples in our gallery of recent work, and we are always happy to show you our portfolio of examples.

Is your fencing environmentally friendly?

Yes, we use sustainable materials where possible and all old fencing materials are recycled to divert them from landfill.

Will I need planning permission before installing my new fence?

The height of your new fence will dictate whether you need planning permission. Fortunately, you will only require planning if your fence is more than 2m high so that most fencing installations can be completed without permission.

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